Building the printer

The last parts have arrived yesterday, so our team got busy building right away in the late night hours.

AUthor of the photos: Martin Doubek

Printing the printer

The plastic parts for our printer have been printed this week at the 3Dprint lab at CVUT FIT. The printer at FIT is yellow, but ours will be red. Other than that and few little tweaks and adjustments it will be pretty much the same.

We are already building the framework of our printer and waiting for the last parts from

Author of the photos: Marek Žehra

Building the optical endstops

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Author of the photos: Martin Doubek, Jan Žák

Preparing Sanguinololu

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Author of the photos: Martin Doubek

Project startup

Project RepRap 3D printer SH was approved at the meeting conference of the Silicon Hill board on March 14th, 2012, which means we’re good to go!

The printer will be placed in the room 9/522, for now. It used to serve as a storeroom and it had to be cleaned out. We already established the internet connection – you would not believe how difficult it is to get the cables from the fillets from one end of the corridor to the other.

The main part, which the project would be nothing without, is the printer itself of course. The plastic parts will be provided by the 3Dprint lab at the Faculty of Information technology. Motors, electrical circuits, metal bars and other parts which can be bought are already ordered. We already have some of them, so we can start building soon.