New workplace

We would like to inform you about the room which we moved into. It is a new workplace for different SH projects. Thanks to this we can cooperate with project MacGyver. Of course the place is also more adjusted to our own needs. See the photos below.

Halloween party costume

When I was looking for a costume to wear for the Halloween party at Hvězda I came upon a prop from the movie Iron Man. The model was made by the user MishaT at the Thingiverse. Printing it took 2 afternoons, but the result was worth it. It was a great success. You can find the model at or a similar lookings one from the second movie Inside the reactor are 24 LED diodes which are powered from a lithium battery. Whole thing can run for 2 hours from an ordinary cell phone battery. I used a hobbyist battery with capacity of 5 Ah, which managed to keep the reactor running whole night till morning.

Pavel Vitvar

Finally printing!

The printer is finally running. We managed to fix the problems with the extruder and we have the first printed products.  The extruder is not completely fit yet, but we finally made the part we have been waiting for and we can exchange it next week. The first products are slightly better than expected.

The only problem now is that the extruder is slightly crooked. That means that when it moves in one direction it catches on a bit of the material and when moving the other way it looses said material, causing a defekt on the final product. The new part should fix this. We didn't have a camera available this week so more photos will be added next week.

You can come look at the printer if you wish, all you have to do is send an email.

Building the printer III

Author of the photos: Martin Doubek

Building the printer II

Author of the photos: Martin Doubek

3D printer at the Openmobility conference

At this year’s Openmobility conference which took place in Prague on Saturday, April 21st, 2012 the topic of 3D printing came up. It was presented by Josef Průša, one of the leading RepRap developers. After his lecture there was a workshop called “From the design of the object to its final print” led by Marek Žehra, the leader of the 3Dprint lab project at the Faculty of Information technology ČVUT in Prague. You can read the report from the conference in the magazine LinuxEXPRES.

Adjusting the timing belts

Sunday, April 22nd 2012

We started adjusting the timing belts today. For unknown reason they arrived without the rough-drilled holes (we expected ones with 4mm width). We had to find a way to adjust them without using a lathe, since we don’t have one. The choice was clear when we found out we had a drill sharpener Dremel available. Sadly, we couldn’t use it with a drill bigger than 3mm, so that was the one we used. We drilled each time from both sides, cca to the middle of the belt. Based on Pitrisek’s suggestion, we cooled the part down with industrial alcohol, which turned out to be a great idea. After the rough-drill to 3mm we put the 5mm drill to a power drill and continued to get the final diameter. But the drill was so blunt that we hardly got to 1mm. We shall finish this tomorrow instead, when we also plan to build the Hot-end and hopefully start our first attempts at printing. Today we also made the nozzle holder using the cuprextitfor PCB. Next we only cut and sharpened the needed openings for the screws. After that we cut the bed in half. We’ll make the hole for the nozzle tomorrow after we have a look at the notch on the nozzle.

The timing belts arrived

Friday, April 20th 2012

The package from Tyma finally arrived today. This time we managed to pick it up without any trouble. Petr Čaněk should work on it during Friday and over the weekend. On Wednesday night we made the latches for endstops and adjusted few other things. We also finally got our order from farnell, where we ordered the coolers for the electronics. The hot-end is complete at this time and will be moved to Prague on Monday. If everything goes according to plan we can start printing either later on Monday or early Tuesday morning. You can definitely expect some photos.

The printer is moving...

Thursday, April 11th 2012

The construction of the printer continues successfully. At this time we have the electronics working and can operate the Z axis and extruder. Tyma is taking their time with our order of timing belts. It took us 14 days to find out to which post office the package could have arrived to and then even asked for the tracking number and followed the shipment over the internet. Thanks to that we found out that it arrived at the post office at Strahov - where, when asked earlier, they told us that it isn’t there. By the time we got the tracking number they already sent the package back to Tyma. We hope that they ship it back again as soon as possible. We managed to make the driving screw for the material, so everything is ready for attaching the nozzle. We also managed to make the driving screw for the extruder. Making it was probably even more interesting for the inhabitants of the neighbouring rooms than us, seeing as we made it mostly during nights. Nobody complained though, so the only important thing is that the screw is working like it’s supposed to. There is going to be an article about how to make one in the Instructions section soon. Which means that the extruder is nearly finished and we’re only waiting for the nozzle.